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48RE Transfer Case Support + Mount

Helps prevent that annoying O/D Housing Breakage

2003-up Dodge Diesel 4x4 with 48RE

48RE 4wd overdrive housings often crack

Failure is typically due to the lacking support of the heavy transfer case (weighs about 80lbs / 36.29kg)

TC48REAC will save your 48RE overdrive housing from stress of heavy t-case

TC48REAC includes everything pictured here to allow for quick and easy installation!  

TC48REAC installed:  OEM skid plates have a pre-existing hole... as if it were made for this!

The ‘03-up Dodge Diesel 4wd trucks, equipped with the 48RE, have problems with cracking the overdrive housing.  Their t-cases, mated to the overdrive housing, weigh about 80 lbs but have nothing in place to support them. TC48REAC solves this problem.   A specially designed steel bracket installs in place of the lower two bolts (longer bolts supplied), and includes the common GM universal mount.  As if it were meant for this, the factory skid plate has an existing hole!  TC48REAC includes a machined steel spacer/washer (fits below skid plate) with tapered groove to clear OEM stamping.

No factory skid plate?

Instructions Download

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TC48REAC instructions - WEB2.pdf

OEM skid plate is required!  (Most Dodge 4x4 trucks are equipped with one from factory)

Skid plate:             52022048AH
Crossmember:       52022046AE
Bolt:  (8 required )  6507342AA
Call your Dodge dealer
and order these numbers: