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Seal Buddy


Transmission Torque Converter & Axle Seal Driving
GM - Ford - Chrysler
* Plastic seal drivers are pricey and don’t last.

We've developed this 10-piece set with tougher driving heads milled from aluminum. Each is perfectly sized featuring a groove with an o-ring, retaining it firmly in the driver.

The Seal Buddy includes two driver handles carved from steel. Intentionally hollowed, two lengths allow for seal replacement on assembled transmissions for a quick repair. The shorter for axle seals in-car, the longer for torque converter seals.

Expandable - more applications will become available with market demand. You'll be able to purchase new driver heads on an as-needed basis! The Seal Buddy replaces $100's worth of inferior plastic drivers. As a final touch, we've included a durable case with placement for each piece; promising organization and nick-free storage when not in use.

The Seal Buddy includes (8) milled aluminum driver heads with (2) different-length driver handles carved from steel. The shorter is intended for in-car axle seal replacement, the longer allows converter seal service on assembled transmissions.
The Seal Buddy handles all of these FWD applications!
The 4T40E uses one of the most challenging axle seal designs. We make it easy! With one application-specific head, the inner sleeve and the outer seal are driven at the same time to ensure a leak-free conclusion!
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