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Plenty of room for snap ring and pliers!

So simple yet so effective!

Drum Buddy

4T65E, AX4S/N, 5R110W and many more!

Simple and effective

bench-top spring compressor

Have you ever tried a foot-press to compress the return spring retainer on the 4T65E intermediate drum?  There is about .040” of compression allowed before the retainer begins to bind the snap ring.  No fun by any means.

With the Drum Buddy,

full control is a reality!

The oversized tri-knob will thread down easily and holds its position allowing the freedom of two-handed work and the ability to stop where you are and tend to something else.

The wide open design leaves plenty of room for maneuvering the snap ring and the pliers.

Stop the madness, get one today!

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Nominated by WIT and voted as a Top 10 Tool 2009  by readers of Transmission Digest Magazine!

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