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HD Intermediate Snap Ring Support

High Performance TH400 w/trans brake

Gotta love it! Buy the good clutches, a fancy trans-brake valve body, the HD sprags, all the stuff you can think of to make sure this one won’t break.

A couple weeks go by, the customer seems happy. Then the phone rings after the big weekend. It’s them explaining how they were well on their way to the finals when they lost 2nd gear. And they’re none too happy.

You pull it down to find the intermediate pressure plate deformed and a couple lugs busted out of the case. You realize the lack of support of the snap ring between the 8:00 and 10:00. “If I only would’ve got that goofy support thing I saw on the internet... NOW I know what it’s for!”

Under the increased pressures in today’s high performance TH400 applications, the 2nd gear shift slams against the pressure plate that’s only partially supported. Is 80% coverage “good enough” to satisfy your demanding customer?

Our support bolts into place from two directions to hold firm: Through the servo apply pin hole and the hole originally retaining the band anchor plug.


34761AC is installed by first permanently removing the front band, servo assembly and band anchor pin from the case. One bolt installs in the band pin hole, the other through the anchor pin hole.

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