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Heavy-duty center support and case saver

TH350 • 700R4 • 4L60/65E

Intended for use as a case-saver, our A74761DAC is a new twist on a resurrected idea.

TH350 cases are no longer plentiful nor as cheap as they once were. 4L60E cases have many variations throughout the years. Either application requires replacement when the case lugs are worn. You can now save your case and improve on the original design!

A74761DAC fits like OE. After installing your 87-UP 4L60 roller clutch and inner race, align outer lugs and set into place. Install the case snap ring. Next, align outer lugs and set the retainer plate in. Install and tighten six allen-head screws to 100-110 inch-pounds.

Our A74761DAC utilizes the wide 87-up roller clutch assembly providing more holding power than the early narrow TH350.

Used as a case saver or an upgrade, you’ve been introduced to the strongest-known center support ever available for these applications!

A74761DAC includes (1) modifed OEM center support, (6) allen-head cap screws and (1) outer support plate that fits into previously unused case lugs

A74761DAC installed in a sample cut-away case

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