The Every Buddy Press

All-in-one automatic transmission spring compressor
Every Buddy is engineered to handle over 99% of automatic transmission return spring assemblies.
There's a reason the name is "The Every Buddy" because it does it all and it will become your greatest friend after using it.

It's unlike any transmission press anyone has ever seen.

It pulls / It presses without the struggle of a foot pedal.

Easy to adjust from one size to another in the matter of seconds.

This Buddy will become your most prized possession in the shop.

Adapt-A-Case Transmission press
There is few styles of this trophy tool

T-0158PSAC-Complete Press Set

T-0158PAC-Bench Mount Press

T-0158HAC-Hydraulic Press Kit

Compare 3 Syles Of Presses
(X) Comes With Press

(*) Does't Comes With Press

T-0158PSAC T-0158PAC T-0158HAC
3 Different Sets Of Press Arms X X X
2 Different Length Cross Bars X X *
Hydraulic Cross Bar * * X
1 Set Of Bearings X X *
Aluminum Handle with 1 nut and disconect X X *
Aluminum Bar With Adjusting Wing Bolt X X *
Upright Base X X *
4 Upright To Leg Base Bolts X * *
Leg Base X * *
3 Leg To Base Bolts X * *
3 Legs X * *
Bench Bracket * X *
Bench Organizer * * X
2 Upright To Bench Bracket Bolts * X *
T-7464AC Ring Set * * X
The Right Tool For The Job.

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