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Rear Seal Buddy


Torque Converter/Front seal
IT's intended as a sub-kit to the original Seal Buddy. We include (5) driver heads milled from aluminum and (1) short driver handle from steel. This handle is designed for use with a 1/2” socket extension for on-bench installations or for in-car axle seal installations.

By having this in your tool box to complement the original Seal Buddy, you’ll have the ability to service the front seals of the vast majority of US domestic, rear wheel drive automatics!

Install seals with confidence knowing you won’t need to worry about a preventable comeback.

T-0069SRAC includes (5) driver heads and padded carrying case. As a bonus we include one short driver handle for use with a 1/2” extension to install axle seals with drivers from the original Seal Buddy.
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