Heavy Duty Overdrive Spring Compressor
88-up A500 91-up A518/A618
T-1302AC is laser cut from 1/4” steel.

We expanded our ring set with this 8 1/8 inch ring that comes with a 10 inch cross bar to disassemble the pump in a transmission.

The (3) vertical bars are welded in place using much stronger mortise-and-tenon joints; finished cleanly by machining them smooth.

As a final touch we’ve anodized it for corrosion protection (and good looks).

We’ve built it plenty tough enough to withstand a lifetime of usage.

Over 15x stronger than it needs to be.

In testing, it didn’t fail until over 8 tons of pressure had been exerted on it!

Intended for use the hydraulic press.

American made!

Our high-volume materials purchasing and manufacturing power combine to keep the costs low.

The Right Tool For The Job.

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