NV4500 5TH Gear Nut Remover/Installer
Dodge/GM 5-speed cast iron ‘91-up Also fits 4WD Allison 1000/2000 series
Why have two different wrenches to buy and keep track of when you can kill two birds with one wrench?

Here is all you’ll need to handle the two different-size spanner nuts you’ll find when servicing the NV4500. As usual, we have not compromised a thing; you can tell the first time you pick it up! Weighing in at about 24oz, our heavy-duty dual spanner wrench arrives ready and able. Design includes a provision for a ½” drive breaker-bar for removal and a torque wrench to install.

We then devised a unique socket for GM’s 4X4 app:

Many use a vibration dampener that will not allow the wrench to access the nut. With the torque specs this high it absolutely must be burly to stand up to repeated use. The 4-notch design spreads out the load while maintaining stability. Milled from super tough steel, this will be in your tool box for many years!

Pictured assembled and ready to go.
3pc tool kit includes wrench, snap ring and HD socket
Many GM 4X4’s use a vibration dampener, (mainly diesels) requiring the use of a hollow socket to reach in to access the nut.
The Right Tool For The Job.

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