Pinion Shaft Removal Tool Kit
VW 095/096/01M

Beetle • Jetta • Golf • Passat

Servicing of the pinion shaft seal, cone bearing and race has now been simplified.

The biggest challenge has been to remove the threaded aluminum pinion retainer (which also houses the pinion seal). This piece is torqued to approximately 150 lbs ft. and is located deep in the case. T-7500AC’s spanner socket, which accepts a 1/2” drive, makes this near effortless.

Once the support is removed, the included adapter fits slide-hammers (with 3/4-16 thread pitch) and threads onto the pinion shaft. A few taps and the shaft pulls the race out of the case! The pinion shaft is now free to either service the bearing and race or to replace the shaft.

T-7500AC is a tough tool kit that enables you to perform a more complete rebuild. No more “crossing your fingers” hoping it won’t come back with a final drive problem!

The 2-piece T-7500AC in the foreground with an 01M pinion shaft and threaded aluminum pinion support/seal retainer for reference.
Demonstrating the threaded slide-hammer adapter used for pulling the outer cup race from the case.
This is a close-up of what you’re up against! Positioned near the base of the pinion shaft, deep in the case.
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