4X4 Output Shaft Removal Tool
2003-2009 Dodge/Jeep
When used in the 4WD application, the 42RLE’s output shaft is retained to the rear planet with a squared circlip. Similar to most front wheel drive axles, but much more permanent.

To enable complete unit disassembly, you must remove the output shaft to gain access to the nut holding the rear planet.

With our T-8200AC installed, a slide-hammer (with 3/4-16 thread pitch) will make quick work of this seemingly impossible task!

We mill the T-8200AC from steel and include a strong, easily replaceable grade 8 cap screw. Be ready for the next one that hits your bench!

T-8200AC in foreground with an output shaft for reference
Note the green circlip on the splined shaft
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