Safely Opens Variators
Ford / Nissan JF011, JF015 / Saturn
This tool allows the movement of Variators to allow the removal of drive belts. This tool has many slots and holes to fit future needs. At this time there are 2 clamp sizes (A&B) that fit 3 different Variators, including Nissan, Ford and Saturn. More clamp sizes will be available as an add on to the puller. Clamp C will be for Subaru.

The ring sets are made with some clearance between the ring halves. This makes it possible to use on slightly smaller Variators. For example, set "B" fits Saturn and some Nissan CVT Variators.

* Ring set "A" has approx. 6.25" diameter.

* Ring set "B" has approx. 5.50" diameter.

The Right Tool For The Job.

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