Work Smarter Not Harder

Practical Engineering
Adapt-a-case is dedicated to making the life of a transmission rebuilder easier because we strongly belive in working smarter not harder. Adapt-A-Case will take a challange that people like yourself may have and will put all of our efforts into making it into making it an affordable reality for anyome to buy.

All Adapt-A-Case probucts are heavy duty to last a life time and are proudly made in the United States of America. Our Prouduct list is exspanding all the time and are all availble through American and Canadian distributors.

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Mike Black
President, Founder, Inventor
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Kelly Black
Vice President
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Duane Reister
Prouduct development Manager, Sales
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Devin Black
Web Manger, Graphics Desiner, Advertiser, Assembler
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Hannah Black
Secratery, Shipping And Receiveing
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Brent Black
Machine Operator, Quality Control, Assembler
The Right Tool For The Job.

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