Work Smarter Not Harder

Center Support Bearing Installer

Our new T-3600AC bearing driver will set the fragile ball bearing correctly every time.

No more worries of potential damage incurred during installation... we have sized our driver exactly for the task. It contacts the outer race while the o-ring holds the inner snug and centered; ensuring the bearing assembly will remain smooth and trouble free once installed.

Often, the center support hub surface is in great shape but you don’t trust the bearing.

Why pay over $60 for a new support kit when you can now purchase a tool that replaces the bearing, quickly and accurately, for only a small percentage of that?

Don’t just hope... know that it’s done right!

* Milled from aluminum, our driver is engineered for a lifetime of service.

T-3600AC pictured ready for action with a new bearing and an OEM center support hub in the background for reference.
The addition of an o-ring holds the bearing firmly prior to installation. T-3600AC fits the larger 1.180” ID “OEM type” roller bearings found in most ‘95-up units with the OEM support.
A few taps and it’s done. T-3600AC is a great fit!
The Right Tool For The Job.

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